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Capacity Label for Boat - Less than 6 metres.


130 x 98mm (5.1" x 3.9")

Capacity Label for Powered Vessels less than 6 metres.  Maximum capacity 1-9 people.

Printed polymeric calendered and laminated with matching laminate. The adhesive has fine channels to release air bubbles so installation is very easy.

Text on Sticker:  Capacity label.  Powered vessels less than 6 metres.  Applies to dinghies, open runabouts, motor boats, half cabins, and jet skis.  Maximum capacity: Number of persons (smooth waters only).  Warning:  1. This is the maximum persons capacity in smooth waters.  A reduction in maximum numbers must be made in adverse weather conditions  when used in partially smooth or open waters.  2. Capacity is assessed at 90kg per person which includes an allowance for personal gear.  3. Children up to one year should not be counted for loading purposes.  Children between one and 12 years can be counted as 1/2 of an adult.  Issued as authorised by the general manager of maritime safety queensland.  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.  See the back of this sticker for details on determining your boat's safe capacity.  Stick one number in the circle indicated to show your boat's capacity.

  • Model: MRN-03
  • Manufactured by: Klein Signs

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