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About us

General Outline

Mr Barry Klein established Klein Signs in 1973 and it has grown from a one man home based small business to a rapidly expanding business operating from its own industrial premises in Maryborough, Australia

The organisation is now a partnership of companies controlled by Jamie, Tim and Glen Klein (Barry’s son’s).  Barry passed the legacy on in 2003, but still works actively in the business.  Barry turns 65 years old in 2012.  This is retirement age in Australia, but Barry plans to scale back his weekly hours by 1 day per week.  (We’ll believe it when we see it!!)

Klein Signs continues to be one of the largest sign businesses in the Maryborough area and also services neighbouring regions.

The online store is now enabling Klein Signs to service the globe with products that can be shipped.  Continuing expansion of the online product inventory is planned for 2012 and will probably never stop.

Unique Features

Klein Signs has kept up to date with changes in technology in the sign industry, whilst maintaining the art of sign writing.  With the introduction of computer cut signs many small business entrepreneurs have set out to make their fortune in the sign industry by setting up with a computer, however to succeed in this industry the new technologies must be coupled with knowledge and experience only gained through learning and continually practicing the trade of sign writing.

We also offer products produced using new technologies that we do not manufacture ourselves.  If we are not prepared to invest in a very new technology ourselves, we will seek to start a working relationship with a reliable supplier of that technology, so that we can offer it to our customers.  This is also a way that we can gain experience with new technologies without the great risk of making large investments in new and “unproven” technology.


Klein Signs provide the following products and services:

Hand Painted:

Klein Signs still does hand painted signs onto a variety of surfaces such as banners, windows, roadside signs, shop fronts, vehicles, concrete and timber.  Truck lining is another service that is hand painted.  Small hand-painted work is definitely a dying art as demand is reducing.  We believe that large scale work will be around for some time yet as paint is still the “king” on some surfaces.


Lettering and graphics can be cut from various qualities of self-adhesive vinyl.  Vinyl lettering and graphics can be produced for short, medium or long-term campaigns.  Computer-cut lettering and graphics can be applied to a wide range of smooth surfaces and are well suited to such applications as fleet branding, general signage and decorative work on, commercial vehicles, trucks, machinery, watercraft, aircraft, metal signs, plastics, walls, fascias, windows, roadside signs and much more.


Klein Signs are equipped with computerised design facilities and use professional quality, vector editing computer software.  Logos and designs can be reproduced from existing artwork or designed specifically for the client.  Electronic artwork is archived, and is always available to the client.  Artwork can be converted to various electronic formats and given to the client for use by commercial printers, web masters, television media and internal company use.  If one of our clients has paid us for a contract that involves artwork design, we do not restrict passage of original artwork back to the client.

Computerised Routing

Klein Signs work closely with another local business that has computerised routing facilities.  Our computer-aided design department works with the machinist and can supply “ready-to-cut” artwork.  Lettering and shapes can be engraved or cut from various materials.  Materials include metals plastics and timber.  This method adds a touch of class to any sign, and is excellent for "front counter" signs, permanent notices, directional symbols, shaped backgrounds and re-usable stencils.

Digital Printing

Klein Signs have solvent digital printing facilities.  Full colour images can be printed onto papers, self-adhesive vinyls, banner vinyls and various textiles.  This form of printing produces a high quality image that is useful for short or medium term outdoor campaigns or long-term internal use.  Digital printing is suitable for one-off or short run applications.  Results and print quality can be stunning.  From an art canvas print to a full vehicle wrap, the possibilities are vast.


Klein Signs manufacture signs for various applications and work with materials such as timber, aluminium, steel, acrylic and PVC.  We manufacture sheeted sign frames, illuminated sign cases, "A-frame" signs, changeable message signs and various pylon style signs.  Manufacture can be according to local authority regulations and engineer specifications, if required.  Klein Signs also works with fabricators, electricians and other professionals when they are needed for larger contracts.


Klein Signs are equipped to install any sign that they manufacture.  Signs can be installed to be free-standing, or can be installed on existing structures.  Our installation staff are able to do on-site work whilst having support from our experienced home base staff.

Products Summary

Klein Signs offer many products that are produced using a combination of the products and services already mentioned.  Signs are produced according to the needs of the client.  We can produce signs from (1) short-term plastic sign for a private house sale, to (1000 or more) colorbond® signs installed on a perimeter fence with a 7-year warranty.  Types of signs produced include vehicle, road side, fascia, roof signs, magnetic, internally illuminated, under-awning, free-standing, Vinyl & canvas banners, windows, safety signs & stickers, bumper stickers, fluted plastic signs, acrylic signs, glass signs and posters.

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